An Intro to Tanis Gordon Smith…

Tanis Gordon Smith was born in Calcutta, India and came to England with his family when he was just four years of age. In the early nineties he came to Sligo to help some friends out renovating their cottage. He has remained here since then where he began to pursue his interest in Art and Crafts.

Tanis is primarily self taught observing the art world around him both in Ireland and abroad. He has been to many countries around the world and has a huge interest in music, especially guitar. This has influenced him greatly, resulting in creating art work from his experiences in travels and music. He started working with slate carving three Dimensional upright figures, mirrors and other forms influenced by his fascination of Irish mythology. (mainly Sligo based legends) He has had many commissions for these pieces and had solo exhibitions in both Sligo and Cork City.

His work then developed towards painting with Oils and soon he started to display his work in the Market in Rathcormack. Tanis eventually joined up with fellow artist Póilín Mc Gowan in opening a Gallery and Studio in the Craft Village there. They both work as a team and create their own Artwork individually.

Oil Paintings

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Sold Out

Miniature Painted Cards